1. Get caught up quickly on your Bible studies of the earthly life of Jesus Christ from his birth to his ascension back into heaven. These books are perfect for the Christian with a busy lifestyle and not a lot of time to read the Bible as you would like to. They are filled with Bible facts about Jesus and his life and times. They are not long and very easy to read and understand.

2. These books are an excellent Bible tool to help parents teach their children the word of God. These books are a must read for all teens and adults who may not read the Bible. They are designed to help them understand what they are reading so they don’t get frustrated and quit reading. The actual scriptures along with their explanations are printed right in each book this way you won’t need a stack of books. 

3. These three books are the perfect witnessing tool for children and adults. They are based on the gospel and anyone can read them and come to faith in Jesus Christ. All you have to do is give them the trilogy (all three books) as a gift and let the word of God do the rest. It’s witnessing made easy. The last page of book three conveniently includes the salvation prayer.

God bless you and please don’t forget to bless somebody else. 

Jesus Christ From The Last Supper To His  Ascension

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Jesus Christ His Public Ministry 

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Jesus Christ His Birth & His Childhood

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Jesus Christ His Public Ministry

Jesus Christ From The Last Supper To His Ascension



03 Weapon Formed


From the Detroit Metropolitan Area, deemed one of the most violent places on earth come true testimonies of escaping death. God has assured us that no weapon formed against us shall prosper, but He did not say that a weapon would not form. This book presents 15 terrifying narratives of people who have been on the other end of weapons like an Uzi sub machine gun and survived. While each incident is different, all of the survivors know and declare that escaping death was only possible because God did not permit the weapon to prevail. Each testimony is followed with a brief inspired commentary and referenced biblical scriptures. Read this book to prepare spiritually for weapons that may form against you, to increase your faith about God’s ability to rescue you, and to encourage you that no weapon formed against you shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17). One hundred percent of the proceeds from this book will further the work of Runner for Christ Ministries.


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