Bible Class

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There will be review questions asked following the teaching portion of this class. If you want to answer the Bible Review questions, this is how you do that. If you have called in on your phone, press one (1), and that will put you in the host queue, and we can then open up your mic, enabling you to give your answer or make your comment. Please remember to keep any background noise as nonexistent as possible. The best way to do this is to mute your phone until you want to answer a question or make a comment.



Bible Class

To get the book for this class (RFCM free at church), please use the link below

Adult Bible Class Large-Print Edition Fall Quarter 2023 | Union Gospel Press


2ndCharles Tate: Ears To Hear

9thNaomi Curtis: Forgiving One Another

16thSarah Tate-McClendon Crump: A Story Of Forgiveness

23rdCathy Clyburn: God’s Gracious Rewards

30th Oliver Welch: God’s Great Mercy


6th Loretta Welch: Be Strong And Courageous

13th Kelia Freeman: Rehab and The Spies

20th Rebecca Johnson: The Fall Of Jericho

27th Charles Tate: Ehud Frees Israel


4th Naomi Carter: God Confirms Gideon’s Mission

11th Sarah Tate-McClendon: The Sin Of Achan

18th Cathy Clyburn: A Backsliding People

25th Oliver Welch: Israel Rejects God As King


1st Loretta Welch: Joshua’s Final Exhortation

8th Kelia Freeman: Rebuke & Repentance

15th Rebecca Johnson: Davids Sin & Punishment

22nd Charles Tate: A Rebuke From The Lord

29th Naomi Carter: Judgment & Exile