Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Leviticus 21-24


1 Is it okay for a priest to touch the dead body of his sister in law?

2 Why would a priest’s daughter be burned to death?

3 Can a priest marry any virgin he chooses?

4 Why would any of Aaron’s descendants be cut off from the Lord’s presence?

5 Can anyone who goes to the priest’s house eat a sacred offering?

6 Can you present a male or female animal as a burnt offering as long as it has no defects?

7 For this celebration you must offer a bundle of grain from your first harvest and what else?

8 Complete this verse: “Be careful …the Lord your God”

9 The festivals discussed in this chapter are all the Israelites have to observe? T or F

10 Moses is charged with keeping the lampstand burning continually? T or F

11 Are Aaron and his descendants allowed to eat the loaves of bread at home so they can relax?

12 What was the punishment for the blasphemer?