Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Deuteronomy 26-30

  1. Why did the Lord declare them to be his people, his special treasure?


  1. When the people of Israel crossed the Jordan and into the promised land, what are 4 things that they were instructed to do at this ceremony at Mount Ebal?


  1. What type of stones were they instructed to use to build the altar?


  1. Who addressed the Israelites to obey the Israelites instructing them to keep the commandments?


  1. Which tribes were instructed to stand on Mount Gerizim?


  1. Which tribes were instructed to stand on Mount Ebal?   


  1. How will the Nation of Israel be set above all other nations?


  1. Why would the nations stand in Awe of Israel?


  1. What will happen if the Israelites refuse to listen to God and obey his commands and decrees?


  1. What 2 places did Moses give the terms of the covenant to the people of Israel?


  1. Who was this covenant with its curses made with?


  1. What are Israel and their children accountable for forever? 


  1. What are they not accountable to?


  1. When will the Lord gather and return Israel back to the land?


  1. According to Moses, what is the key to their life?