Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Ezra 1-6

1.What happened in the first year of king Cyrus and the prophecy given through Jeremiah? And what did King Cyrus of Persia say?

2.Why did God stir the hearts of the priest and Levites, and the leaders, and how were they assisted?

3.How many men of Israel returned from exile? And how many priests?

4. What if your name was not on the genealogical record?

5. When they arrived at the temple of Jerusalem what did some of the family leaders do?

6. What did the Israelites do when they settled in their towns? Why?

7. What happened when the builders completed the foundation of the Lord’s temple and why was their Lord weeping?  Why did the older Priest weep loud?

8. What happened when the enemies heard the exiles were rebuilding the temple?

9. What did the local residents do?

10. What happened years later with the enemies of Judah and Jerusalem?

11.  In King Artaxerxes’ reply what was found in the records and what took place concerning the re-building of the temple?

12.  Who sent the prophets and what was prophesied?

13. What did Tattenai the governor and their colleagues ask when they arrived in Jerusalem?

14. What order did King Darius issue concerning a search? What was found and what did it say?

15. What message was sent to Tattenai the Governor, colleagues, and other officials?

16. What would happen to those who violate the decree?

17. What happened on April 21*?