Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Psalm 146-150

01) Praise the Lord how much, for how long, and do what with my dying breath?

02) Joyful are those who have what, and He also made what things?

03) He gives justice to the……………..Praise the Lord.

04) Is the Lord still thinking of rebuilding Jerusalem? T/F

05) Where is the Lord’s delight?

06) Jerusalem should glorify the Lord for what and then praise him?

07) Praise the Lord where, and for what? (Heavens)

08) Praise the Lord where, and what & who else?

09) Let them all…………..Praise the Lord.

10) If you sing praises, who are you singing to?

11) How should you rejoice in your Maker?

12) Let the praises of God…………Praise the Lord.

13) Praise God where, and do what with His greatness?

14) Praise Him with a blast of Kenny G’s horn? T/F

15) So, people and instruments should praise the Lord? T/F