Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Deuteronomy 11-15


1 How was the promised land different from the land in Egypt?

2 What was the condition given to the Israelites for them to reap God’s blessing of a

3 harvest and lush pastureland for their livestock?

4 How can the Israelites show love to the Lord?

5 What are the two choices that God placed before the Israelites?  

6 What were the Israelites to do with worship places in the promised land?

7 What was the significant change to the Israelites pattern of worship when they arrived in the promised land?

8 What is the trap that God warns Israel not to fall into?

9 How would an Israelite know if a prophet or one who dreams about the future is a false prophet even when their predicted signs or miracles happen?

10 Why did God instruct the Israelites to put people to death who would lead them into worshipping other gods?

11 Why did God instruct the Israelites to set aside a tithe of their grain, new wine, olive oil, the firstborn males of their flock and herds each year?

12 What provision did the Lord make for the Levites, the foreigners, orphans, and windows that live among Israelites through the third year’s tithe?

13 What was the requirement that God gave to the Israelites when it came to lending money?

14 What was the requirement that God gave concerning indentured servants? According to God, how much is the service of an indentured slave worth?

15 What are God’s requirements for the Israelites when sacrificing their first-born male animals to the Lord?