Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Mark 6-10

1. How did the blind man respond when the crowd told him to be quiet?

2. When we’ve given up everything to follow Jesus what do we get?

3. The disciples were astounded and asked Jesus what and how did Jesus respond to their question?

4. What is it that really defile’s us and what further teaching did Jesus give his disciples on this subject?

5. Whose chance finally came on Herod’s birthday and what were they looking to do?

6. How do we know that it is faith and not race that moves God to act on our behalf?

7. What was Jesus’ reason for feeding the four thousand?

8. What happens when we allow Jesus to climb in the boat of life with us?

9. If any of us wants to be a follower of Jesus Christ what must we be willing to do?

10. When Jesus and his disciples returned from the mountain top what kind of situation did he find Himself and disciples in?

11. How do we know that the disciples did not understand what rising from the dead meant?

12. How do we become great in the Kingdom of Heaven?

13. Describe Jesus’ position and teaching on marriage and divorce.

14. How are we to respond to someone doing the work of God but they do not belong to our group?

15. How do we know Jesus welcomes and blesses children?

16. What instructions did Jesus give to the twelve he sent out?

17. What did Jesus have to say about those who want to be leaders among us?

18. Because of their unbelief, what couldn’t Jesus do?