Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

1st Samuel 16-20


1 What was it that Samuel had to do for him to feel that Saul would kill him?

2 How many sons did Jesse bring forth by name when being analyzed for the possibility

of being blessed by the Spirit of the Lord?

3 What did Saul ask Jesse for? and what did Jesse send back to Saul?

4 Jesse had (8) sons, and who was the oldest three & who was the youngest one?

5 Why did Saul gather his Israelite troops near the valley of Elah?

6 What were the Israelites doing when David arrived at the camp?

7 Who did David represent when he was talking to Goliath?

8 What was used to make the rock sink into Goliath’s head?

10 How was David shown love by Jonathon?

11 Why was Saul angry or jealous of David even after being made a commander?

12 What was the similarity between Jacob, Joseph & David? (1 verse)

13 What was Saul’s son doing for David to try to prevent his death? 

14 Why was David at Naioth & with whom did he travel, and what was going on?

when Saul troops arrived? and what happened when Saul arrived?

15 Who did David seek out when he was fleeing & why?

16 How long would David lay in the field waiting to find out how Jonathon’s father

actually, feel?

17 How would David know when he needs to leave at once?

18 Why was Saul so headstrong on killing David?

19 How much of the signal did the boy know who was fetching the arrows?