Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

1st Corinthians

Key Verse

I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.

1st Corinthians 1:10

Chapter 1

Paul was called to be an Apostle by the will of who?

For in Him you_____about Christ among you.

Paul appealed to them to do what?

How did Paul find out about what they were quarreling about and what were they quarreling about?

Jews demand what and Greeks look for what and what do we preach?

God chose the what things of the world to shame the who and what of the world?

Chapter 2

My message______ but on God’s power.

What did Paul say unsaved people could not see, hear, or conceive?

What did Paul say saved people could see, hear, and conceive and who enables them to do this?

We have not received the spirit of the what but we have the received the Spirit who is from who and why?

The person without_____ the Spirit.

The person with_____ the mind of Christ.

Chapter 3

Paul wanted to address them as mature Christians but he could not why?

Even though Paul was not there with them how could he tell they were still carnal minded/worldly?

Who makes things grow and what is the relationship between the three?

For no one can______ escaping through the flames.

We are God’s what and what happens if we destroy that?

If you think you are wise in this world what should you do?

Chapter 4

Paul said for them to regard them as what?

Who is the real Judge and what is our response that fact?

Now brothers and sisters,______ you did not?

What verses in chapter 4 highlight the plight of Paul and his companions lives contrasted with the perceived lives Paul stated the Corinthians professed to be living?

The Kingdom of God is not a matter of what but is a display of what?

Chapter 5

What was actually reported among them?

How did they feel about it and what did Paul recommend they do about it and why?

What did Paul think about the boasting and what instructions did he give them?

Paul said that we should not associate with sexually immoral people in the world? True or False

Do we Judge those outside the church?

Chapter 6

Verse one tells us to settle our disputes in this worlds courts. True or False

Do you not know_____ is scorned in the church.

Why did Paul say they were completely defeated and what did he suggest they do about it?

Who did Paul say would not inherit the Kingdom of God and what did he mean by saying this to Christians?

I have the right to_____ destroy them both.

The body is not meant for what but meant for who?

What happens we unite with a woman or man outside of the bonds of marriage.

We own our bodies and do whatever we want with it. True or False

Chapter 7

Paul said it not good for a man to touch a woman so why did he then suggest they get married?

What instructions did he give to husbands and wives concerning sexual relations and why?

How do we know Paul had been previously married but was now a widower?

What instructions did Paul give to those divorced and those married to non-believers?

Paul said the time is short and that they should view their relationships how and why?

Why did Paul want them to be free from Concern?

Chapter 8

How do we become, known by God?

So then about eating food____ whom we live.

Paul said everyone understood about the non-existence of Idols. True or False

How should I behave in the presence of a new Christian who might not yet understand our freedom in Christ?

Chapter 9

Why did Paul say the Corinthians should accept his Apostleship?

What other Apostle’s and their wives were being provided for by the church?

If we have sown______ living from the gospel.

Paul said he did not feel compelled to preach the gospel. True or False

What things did Paul try to become and why?

Chapter 10

Who was the Spiritual Rock that the people who followed Moses out of Egypt drank from?

The things Israel suffered in the wilderness were written for whose benefit & why?

What two tables can we not eat from at the same time?

I can do all things and all things are constructive for me. True or False

So whether______ be saved.