Bible Class Questions

The Book of Acts

Key Verse

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Acts 1:8

Chapter 1

Why did Jesus tell his disciples to not leave Jerusalem?

Jesus said we would be his what after reeving power?

Who was present in that upper room where they were staying?

How many disciples were in that upper room?

How did they find a replacement for Judas?

Chapter 2

What happened when the day of Pentecost came?

How do we know not only Jews were there?

How do we know we are living in the last days?

Why did those listening to Peter say “brothers, what must we do?”

After they were saved what did they devote themselves too?

Chapter 3

What did Peter say to the lame man when he asked for an offering?

What was the reaction of those who saw the lame man walking?

When all the people came running to where Peter & John were what did he say?

Chapter 4

Peter filled with the Holy Spirit said what?

What did they think about Peter & John’s response to their question?

When ordered by the Sanhedrin to not preach or teach at all in that name how did the Apostles reply to this command?

After being released how did they handle the threat not to preach or teach at all in the name of Jesus?

How did they eliminate the needy from among them?

Chapter 5

Who gave Ananias and Sapphira their plan to cheat God out of his offering?

What was the penalty for lying to the Holy Spirit?

Why did his wife die?

Why did the people bring their sick into the streets?

Why were the disciples arrested and put in the public jail?

How did they get out of jail and what were they told to do?

Who said “we must obey God rather than men” and why?

Who advised them to leave them alone and why?

How did the Apostles respond to having been flogged?

Chapter 6

What caused the Apostles to say, It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables?

What 2 verses in chapter 6 tell us what the Apostles did about the problem that had sprung come up?

What verse tells us why the Freedmen failed in their arguments with Stephen?

What kind of witnesses did they bring against Stephen and what accusations did they make against him?

Chapter 7

What two verses tell us what Patriarch Stephen started with his speech and which one he ended with?

What verse describes what Stephen saw just before being stoned?

What verse tells us what Stephen prayed for just before his death?

Chapter 8

What 2 verses describe the events that followed Stephens death?

Those who had been scattered did what everywhere they went?

What 3 verses tell us why they followed Simon and/or Philip?

Why did Peter rebuke, Simon?

What 3 verses tell us who was guiding Phillip to speak to the Ethiopian?

What book and what chapter was the Ethiopian reading from?

What verse tells us Philip was successful in his witnessing efforts?

Chapter 9

What 2 verses tell us that Saul was still persecuting the church and what he did to increase his efforts to destroy the church?

What 2 verses describe Saul’s meeting with the owner of the church?

What 2 verses tell us who the Lord sent to restore Saul’s sight and how did convince him to go.

What 4 verses describe Anania’s response to Jesus and Jesus response to him?

What 3 verses tell us what happened when Ananias did what Jesus told him too?

When Saul preached in Damascus what verse tells us how he was received?

Why did Saul have to leave Damascus and where did he go after that and what happened there?

Who was always doing “good deeds and helping the poor?”

What did the people say about Dorcas to Peter and what did he do in turn?

Chapter 10

What verse describes what kind of man Cornelius was?

How did Cornelius know to call for Peter?

What 6 verses describe how Jesus prepared Peter to go to Cornelius house?

What did the Holy Spirit say to Peter concerning the 3 men who had come seeking him?

What is the 1st & 2nd thing Peter said to Cornelius?

What 3 verses tell us Peter knew the sermon was over and God had done his work?

Chapter 11

When Peter went up to Jerusalem who criticized him and why?

When the voice spoke from heaven the 2nd time what did He say?

When Peter began to speak and the Holy Spirit came on them what did he remember?

Where were the disciples 1st called Christians?

Chapter 12

What happened to James the brother of John and how did this affect Peter?

When the angel arrived to free Peter was awake or sleep?

Where were the disciples gathering when Peter was released?

When the girl had told them Peter was knocking at the door how did they respond to her?

What happened to Herod when he did not give praise to God for his Oration?

Chapter 13

Who was in the church at Antioch?

What were Saul and Barnabas doing when the Holy Spirit called them?

Who sent them on their way?

Who was it that left them and where did he go?

Saul changed his name to a Romanized (my word) Gentile name what was it?

What could happen to those who oppose the word of God?

Chapter 14

Who was Paul addressing and where did he start and where did he end?

How did the Lord Jesus validate Paul and Barnabas in front of the Lycaonian people?

Why did they have to leave that place and how did they know they had to leave that place?

When Paul was preaching and saw a man with faith to be healed what happened?

When some Jews won the crowd over to their side then what did the people do?

What did Paul say to encourage these new Lycaonian Christians?

Chapter 15

Why was the 1st Apostolic council called?

What group of believers stood up and said the Gentiles must be circumcised and required to keep the law of Moses to become Christians?

Complete this sentence, No! We believe it is through the_________.

Did Peter speak verses 13-21? True or false

What was the final judgment of this 1st Apostolic council meeting?

Fill in the blank; We have heard that some went out _________. Farewell.

Paul and Barnabas took John Mark on the 2nd missionary journey? True or false