Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

2nd Chronicles 1-6


1. Who is Solomon? Who did he call together and why?
2. What was the conversation the night the Lord appeared to Solomon?
3. Explain some of the wealth that Solomon amassed.
4. Why did Solomon build the temple? How many workers were enlisted?
5. What message does Solomon send to King Hiram?
6. What was King Hiram’s reply to Solomon?
7. Where and when did Solomon build the temple?
8. What were the dimensions of the temple and what was it overlaid with?
9. How did Solomon decorate the entrance and the front of the temple?
10. What is the “sea” and what is its purpose?
11. List everything completed by Huram-Abi for the temple.
12. What furnishings were made by Solomon for the temple?
13. When the temple was completed, why were the elders called to Jerusalem?
14. Where did the priests place the Ark of the Covenant? What was in the Ark?
15. What happened after the priest left the Holy Place?
16. What was the blessing Solomon gave to Israel?
17. What is the significance of Solomon kneeling in front of the Israel community?
18. What part of Solomon’s prayer closely resembles 1 John 1:9?