Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Ezekiel 6-10


1. What will happen to the altars and idols?

2. The Lord says, “I will spare some” what is their fate?

3. Complete these verses: “And they will …I am the Lord.”

4. What will happen on the mountains?

5. What is said in 7:13 that proves we should be thankful for what Jesus did for us?

6. What happens to their money and possessions?

7. Where was Ezekiel taken, and how?

8. What did Ezekiel see behind the hidden doorway?

9. What was the most detestable sin?

10. What did the glory of God tell the man in linen to do first?

11. What was to happen to the Temple?

12. After Ezekiel cried out, what did the Lord say to him?

13. How were the moving wings of the cherubim described?

14. Complete these verses: “I looked …was the face of an eagle.”

15. Did the glory of God leave the Temple?