Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Isaiah 36-40

1. What was the question the great king of Assyrian asks, What will it be like if you lean on Egypt, and what was the mistaken view of God and what Hezekiah had done?

2. With your tiny army___________ this land and destroy it!

3. Instead of trusting Hezekiah, what did he say they should do?

4.When king Hezekiah heard their report____________deliver the baby.

5. In what form did Sennacherib send his threatening message to Hezekiah?

6. What will God do because of the raging of the Assyrians against him?

7. What was Hezekiah’s condition, and what did God tell him to do? Why? What did Hezekiah do about it and did God change his mind?

8. What sign was given to Hezekiah that this was so?

9. What was the only named symptom of Hezekiah, and what cured it?

10. Who sent letters when Hezekiah recovered?

11. How did Hezekiah receive the messengers and what did he show them?

12. What question did Isaiah ask, what was Hezekiah’s answer and what happened to the riches of Judah because of Hezekiah’s actions?

13.Comfort, comfort___________ for all her sins

14.A voice said “Shout” ___________ our God stands forever.?

15.To whom will you compare me ____________they will walk and not faint?