Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Psalm 66-70


1. Where does David make a reference to the Old Testament?

2. Does David keep the vows he made to God?

3. Complete these verses: “Come and listen, …from me.”

4. What does David wish was known throughout the earth?

5. What will happen if all the nations praise God?

6. What will God do for the fatherless, widowed, and lonely?

7. Where will the Lord live forever and what is the description of it?

8. Who does David want to be humbled?

9. How does David describe his situation and how it makes him feel?

10. As David is asking the Lord to answer his prayers quickly how does he describe his enemies’ actions?

11. What does David say will be more pleasing to God than sacrificing cattle and what will come from it?

12. What does David ask to be done with those who try to kill him?

13. Complete these verses: “But may all …do not delay.”