Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Luke Chapters 16-20


Explain the parable of the Ten servants.

How do we know that death is common to the rich and the poor?

By paying taxes are we are not serving God but our government?

When did Jesus say the Kingdom of God would come?

How did the chief tax collector demonstrate his repentance?

What did Jesus tell us to do if another believer sins?

Describe a marriage relationship in heaven.

If Jesus’ followers did not cry out what would?

Why wouldn’t Jesus answer the religious leaders when they asked Him where He got His authority from?

What is the answer to, “Then who can be saved?”

Ten lepers came back to thank Jesus. True or False

How did the blind beggar receive his sight?

What parable did Jesus use to teach us to be persistent?

What did the rich man think of Lazarus after death?

Describe the parable Jesus used to teach us to be humble.

What is the lesson of the shrewd manager?