Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Genesis 41-46

Describe Pharaoh’s two dreams and his reaction to them.

Describe Josephs’ interpretations of Pharaohs’ dreams and his solution to them.

How did Pharaoh reward Joseph for his interpretation of his dreams and how old was Joseph at this time?

Who was Josephs’ wife and how many children did they have?

Describe Josephs’ first meeting with his brothers.

When they stopped for the night and opened their sacks what did they find and what did they tell their father?

What happened when Jacob tried to send his son’s on a second trip to Egypt for food?

So their father, Jacob, finally said what to them?

Describe the feast at Josephs’ palace.

When his brothers were ready to leave what instructions did Joseph give to his palace manager?

Describe what happened when the palace manager caught up with the men.

When Joseph could stand it no longer what did he do and what did he say to his brothers?

Describe what happened after Pharaoh heard that Josephs’ brother’s arrived and what instructions did he give to Joseph concerning them?