Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

2nd Kings 8-13

01) Elisha told a woman to move away because of a famine that is going to last 7 years, and now that it is over and she returns back to her old home should she be able to reclaim it after 7 years?

02) How did Hazael become king of Aram?

03) What group of people crowned their own king?

04) Johasophat and Nimshi used how much oil to anoint Jehu?

05) Who died and was taken to Jerusalem and they were buried in the City of David?

06) Why was Jezebel killed and what happened to her body, and who spoke on this?

07) How many letters were writing in order to achieve Jehu’s request?

08) Where was Jehu going when he ran into King Ahaziah’s family & killed them?

09) How did Jehu get rid of where they worshipped Baal?

10) Why did they make the area that they worshipped Baal at, into a tourist site?

11) Was Jehu taken back to Jerusalem for his burial because of customs or because he’s Jewish?

12) What was it Jehoiada told them that they must do & for what purpose & what was their follow up actions?

13) Was King Jehoiada angry, when he ordered having Athaliah killed ? T/F

14) Was any of the Lord’s people around when the temple of Baal was torn down? 

15) What was going on when the priest was asked not to accept anymore money from the people?

16) Was the priest money for personal gain or needs?

17) What happened to the sacred objects that had been dedicated?

18) Who followed Jeroboam ways leading Israel in a negative direction, that caused the Lord to be very angry, but the help of the Lord came how?

19) Jehoash reigned where as king first & he was not right in the Lord’s sight?