Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Genesis 21-25

Did the Lord keep His word to Sarah and if so how did she respond?

How do we know Esau did not care about his birthright?

When Isaac grew up and was weaned what happened and how did Abraham respond to it?

What is the account of Isaac and his family?

Abraham prepared food and water for who and why?

How old was Abraham when he died and describe his home-going celebration?

How did God test Abraham’s faith?

Abraham married another wife and gave everything to her. True or False

How do we know that Abraham believed in the resurrection from the dead?

Describe the meeting and marriage of Isaac and Rebekah.

Isaac turned to Abraham and asked what and how did Abraham respond to his question?

When they said good-bye to Rebekah what blessing did they speak over her?

What happened after they arrived at the place that God told Abraham to go?

How do we know that the servant did not pray out loud?

The Angel of the Lord called again to Abraham from heaven and said what?

Why did the man bow low and worship the Lord?

How old was Sarah when she died?

What did Abraham’s servant pray for and did God respond to his prayer?

Abraham did not have the respect of the Hittite elders. True or False

When Abraham was a very old man, what was his major concern?

Describe the negotiations that led to a place of burial for Sarah.