Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Job 15-22

  1. In Eliphaz’s second response to Job, in his opinion, what was the proof that Job had no fear of God?
  1. How did Eliphaz express that Job thought that he was arrogant and wiser than anyone else?
  1. In Job’s fifth speech, what did he say that he would have done for his friends had they been in his place?
  1. From Job’s standpoint, how had he been living when God devastated his family?
  1. Who did Job ask to defend his innocence when no one would stand up for him?
  1. What did Job believe about his friends, even if they came back with a better argument?
  1. In Bildad’s second response, what was his reaction to Job about tearing out his own hair in anger?
  1. In Bildad’s opinion, what did he believe was surely an indication of a wicked person? Which of these could Job relate to?
  1. In Job’s sixth speech, what was his answer to Bildad using his humiliation as evidence of his sin?
  1. When did Job believe that he would see God?
  1.  Why did Job warn his friends that they should be in fear of punishment themselves, in his sixth speech, when responding to Bildad?
  1. Why did Zophar feel the need to reply to Job the second time?
  1. When Zophar described a story of a godless person vomiting the wealth they swallowed, who did he believe was responsible?
  1. In Job’s seventh speech, to Zophar, who did Job say that his complaint was with?
  1. What was Job’s complaint about the wicked prospering? What does Job say is their attitude towards God Almighty? 
  1. What is Job’s perspective on God punishing the children of the wicked?
  1. What type of wickedness did Eliphaz accuse Job of in his third response?
  2. In Eliphaz’s opinion, what did he believe that Job needed to do for God to hear his prayers, and for him to be successful in whatever he chooses to do?