Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Judges 1-5


1. What did the Angel of the Lord say to the Israelites for not destroying their Altar?

2.  What tribe asked the Lord to attack the Canaanites?
3.  What tribe helped the tribe of Judah attack the Canaanites?
4.  Why did Adoni-bezek feel like God was paying him back for what he did to other kings?
5.  Who did the Lord leave in the land to test the Israelites that had no experience in the war of Canaan?
6.  What people were left to test Israel to see if the people of God would obey God’s commandments?
7.  Who hands did God turn over to the Israelites for disobedience?
8.  Who was Deborah, and what was her position, and her duty?
9.  What did Barak say to Deborah about their battle deal?
10.  How many warriors did Barak lead down the slopes for battle?
11.  Who did God use to kill Sisera and how did she do it?
12.  What song did Deborah sing to the Lord? ( in full detail).
13.  What tribes of Israel risked their lives on the battlefield?
14.  Who did the Angel of the Lord curse for not helping the battle fight?
15.  Who were the Kenites and what is their relationship to Moses?