Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Exodus 36-40

1 What command did Moses express from God to give throughout the camp?

2 What was crafted that was looking down on the Atonement Cover? (full detail).

3 What was the name of the priest as the acting recorder?

4 The scared medallion, what did it represent, and what was the engraved words?

5 Explain the setup of the Tabernacle without the Anointing Oil?

6 What was needed for the fifty loops of each curtain?

7 Describe how Bezalel made the lampstand and how it was designed (in detail)?

8 In full detail, Bezalel design of the courtyard on all sides?

9 Describe the rows of the gemstones for the chest piece, and what the number twelve represent?

10 What does the cloud of Glory do, and how was it used to show the Israelites?

11 How was the washbasin to be used, and how was it used?

12 What was made of Bronze and its accessories?

13 What did Moses say about the building of the Sanctuary?

14 How were the pieces of the ephod made and designed, and what did it represent?

15 Explain the incenses altar in full detail, and what else was needed?