Bible Class Questions

Bible Reading Class Questions

Numbers 16-20


1.  What was the conversation between Moses, Korah, and his followers?

2.  What was the conversation between Moses and the Lord regarding Korah and his followers? What was the end result of this?

3.  What happened (the very next day) after the demise of Korah and his followers? What did the Lord want to do that Moses and Aaron (somewhat) prevented?

4.  What instructions did the Lord give Moses regarding the 12 staffs?

5.  What happened with the staffs when Moses gave the instructions to the people of Israel?

6.  What purpose did Aaron’s staff serve?

7.  What were the duties assigned to Aaron from the Lord?

8.  What additional instructions did the Lord give regarding sacred offerings?

9.  Why did the Lord say the Levites would receive no land among the Israelites?

10.  What were the final instructions the Lord gave to Moses as it pertains to the tithes? What would happen if they mistreated the holy gifts?

11.  What is the water purification ceremony and why is it performed?

12.  What is the law to be followed when someone dies in a tent? How is the defilement removed?

13.  What happens to those who don’t purify themselves and remain defiled?

14.  Where did Miriam die and where was she buried?

15.  What happened when there was no water to drink?

16.  What consequences did Moses and Aaron face because of the rock?

17.  What was the interaction between Moses and Edom? What happened as a result of it?

18.  Where and why did Aaron die and how long did the people mourn for him?