April 22, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Runner For Christ Ministries
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Welcome To Our

Monday Night

Join us as we read through the Bible verse by verse 

Currently Reading: The Book Of Acts

Teacher: Deaconess Loretta Welch

An Inter-Active Bible Class you can now enjoy in the comfort of your own home, or as you drive along in your car, out shopping, on the job or wherever you may be.

If you would like to answer the Bible Reading Class review questions that will be asked by the teacher during the review portion of this class this is how you do that. If you have called in on your phone press one (1) and that will put you in the host cue and I can then open up your mic enabling you to give your answer or make your comment. (Please remember to have any background noise to a minimum or just mute your phone after your answer or comment)  If you have logged in to give your answer or make a comment post it in the chat room at the bottom of the show page and I will read it on the air. When you answer please state your name and read the scripture that answers the question. All answers must come from the scriptures we are currently reading. The teacher and most RFCM students use the NIV Life Application Study Bibles with footnotes but you may use whatever version of the Bible you are comfortable with. Remember this is a Christian Bible Reading class and not a religion or denomination debate class.

Listen live over your phone @ (646) 915-8148 

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log in @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/runner-for-Christ

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