Spiritual Gift Test



Characteristics: Rate from 1 to 10

1. Loves to encourage others to live victoriously.___________

2. Wants a visible response when teaching or speaking.___________

3. Prefers to apply truth rather than research it.___________

4. Prefers systems of information that have practical application.___________

5. Loves to prescribe precise steps of action to aid personal growth.___________

6. Focuses on working with people.___________

7. Encourages others to develop in their personal ministries.___________

8. Finds truth in experience and then validates it with Scripture.___________

9. Loves to do personal counseling.___________

10. Will discontinue personal counseling if no effort to change is seen.___________

11. Is fluent in communication.___________

12. Views trials as opportunities to produce personal growth.___________

13. Accepts people as they are without judging them.___________

14. Is greatly loved because of his positive attitude.___________

15. Prefers to witness with life rather than verbal witnessing.

16. Makes decisions easily.___________

17. Always completes what is started.___________

18. Wants to clear up problems with others quickly.___________

19. Expects a lot of self and others.___________

20. Needs a sounding board for bouncing off ideas and thoughts.___________



Characteristics: Rate from 1 to 10

1. Presents truth in a logical, systematic way.___________

2. Validates truth by checking out the facts.___________

3. Loves to study and do research.___________

4. Enjoys word studies.___________

5. Prefers to use biblical illustrations rather than life illustrations.___________

6. Gets upset when Scripture is used out of context.___________

7. Feels concerned that truth be established in every situation.___________

8. Is more objective than subjective.___________

9. Easily develops and uses a large vocabulary.___________

10. Emphasizes facts and the accuracy of words.___________

11. Checks out the source of knowledge of others who teach.___________

12. Prefers teaching believers to engaging in evangelism.___________

13. Feels Bible study is foundational to the operation of all the gifts.___________

14. Solves problems by starting with scriptural principles.___________

15. Is intellectually sharp.___________

16. Is self-disciplined.___________

17. Is emotionally self-controlled.___________

18. Has only a select circle of friends.___________

19. Has strong convictions and opinions based on investigation of facts.___________

20. Believes truth has the intrinsic power to produce change.___________



Characteristics: Rate from 1 to 10

1. Quickly and accurately identifies good and evil and hates evil.___________

2. Sees everything as either black or white; no gray or indefinite areas.___________

3. Easily perceives the character of individuals and groups.___________

4. Encourages repentance that produces good fruit.___________

5. Believes the acceptance of difficulties will produce positive personal brokenness.___________

6. Has only a few or no close friendships.___________

7. Views the Bible as the basis for truth, belief, action, and authority.___________

8. Boldly operates on spiritual principles.___________

9. Is frank, outspoken, and doesn’t mince words.___________

10. Is very persuasive in method of speaking.___________

11. Grieves deeply over the sins of others.___________

12. Is eager to see his own blind spots and to help others see theirs too.___________

13. Desires above all else to see God’s plan worked out in all situations.___________

14. Strongly promotes the spiritual growth of groups and individuals.___________

15. Is called to intercession.___________

16. Feels the need to verbalize or dramatize what he sees.___________

17. Tends to be introspective.___________

18. Has strong opinions and convictions.___________

19. Has strict personal standards.___________

20. Desires to be obedient to God at all costs.___________



Characteristics: Rate from 1 to 10

1. Is highly motivated to organize that for which he’s responsible.___________

2. Expresses ideas and organization in ways that communicate clearly.___________

3. Prefers to be under authority in order to have authority.___________

4. Will not take responsibility unless delegated by those in authority.___________

5. Will assume responsibilities if no specific leadership exists.___________

6. Especially enjoys working on long-range goals and projects.___________

7. Is a visionary person with a broad perspective.___________

8. Easily facilitates resources and people to accomplish tasks or goals.___________

9. Enjoys delegating tasks and supervising people.___________

10. Will endure criticism in order to accomplish the ultimate task.___________

11. Has great zeal and enthusiasm for whatever he is involved in.___________

12. Finds greatest fulfillment and joy in working to accomplish goals.___________

13. Is willing to let others get the credit in order to get a job done.___________

14. Prefers to move on to a new challenge once something is completed.___________

15. Constantly writes notes to self.___________

16. Is a natural and capable leader.___________

17. Knows when to keep old methods going and when to introduce new


18. Enjoys working with and being around people.___________

19. Wants to see things completed as quickly as possible.___________

20. Does not enjoy doing routine tasks.___________



Characteristics: Rate from 1 to 10

1. Has tremendous capacity to show love.___________

2. Always looks for good in people.___________

3. Senses the spiritual and emotional atmosphere of a group or individual.___________

4. Is attracted to people who are hurting or in distress.___________

5. Takes action to remove hurts and relieve distress in others.___________

6. Is more concerned for mental and emotional distress than physical


7. Is motivated to help people have right relationships with one another.___________

8. Loves opportunities to give preference or place to others.___________

9. Takes care with words and actions to avoid hurting others.___________

10. Easily detects insincerity or wrong motives.___________

11. Is drawn to others with the gift of compassion.___________

12. Loves to do thoughtful things for others.___________

13. Is trusting and trustworthy.___________

14. Avoids conflicts and confrontations.___________

15. Doesn’t like to be rushed in a job or activity.___________

16. Is typically cheerful and joyful.___________

17. Is ruled by the heart rather than head.___________

18. Rejoices to see others blessed and grieves to see others hurt.___________

19. Is a crusader for good causes.___________

20. Intercedes for the hurts and problems of others.___________



Characteristics: Rate from 1 to 10

1. Easily recognizes practical needs and is quick to meet them.___________

2. Especially enjoys manual projects, jobs, and functions.___________

3. Keeps everything in meticulous order.___________

4. Is a detail person with a good memory.___________

5. Enjoys showing hospitality.___________

6. Will stay with something until it is completed.___________

7. Has a hard time saying no to requests for help.___________

8. Is more interested in meeting the needs of others than own needs.___________

9. Enjoys working on immediate goals rather than long-range goals.___________

10. Shows love for others in deeds and actions more than words.___________

11. Needs to feel appreciated.___________

12. Tends to do more than asked to do.___________

13. Feels greatest joy in dong something that is helpful.___________

14. Does not want to lead others or projects.___________

15. Has a high energy level.___________

16. Cannot stand to be around clutter.___________

17. Tends to be a perfectionist.___________

18. Views serving to be of primary importance in life.___________

19. Prefers doing a job to delegating it.___________

20. Supports others who are in leadership.___________



Characteristics: Rate from 1 to 10

1. Gives freely of money, possessions, time, energy, and love.___________

2. Loves to give without others knowing about it.___________

3. Wants to feel a part of the ministries to which he contributes.___________

4. Intercedes for needs and the salvation of souls.___________

5. Feels delighted when his gift is an answer to specific prayer.___________

6. Wants gifts to be of high quality or craftsmanship.___________

7. Gives only by the leading of the Holy Spirit.___________

8. Gives to support and bless others or to advance a ministry.___________

9. Views hospitality as an opportunity to give.___________

10. Handles finances with wisdom and frugality.___________

11. Quickly volunteers to help where a need is seen.___________

12. Seeks confirmation on the amount to give.___________

13. Has strong belief in tithing and in giving in addition to tithing.___________

14. Focuses on sharing the Gospel.___________

15. Believes God is the Source of his supply.___________

16. Is very industrious with a tendency toward success.___________

17. Has natural and effective business ability.___________

18. Likes to get the best valve for the money spent.___________

19. Is definitely not gullible.___________

20. Possesses both natural and God-given wisdom.___________












1 GIFT__________

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3 GIFT__________