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This Weeks Lesson:

We Believe

In Redemption

(Not Just Knowing What, but Why?)

The Redemption of Joseph”

Genesis 37-50 New International Version

Key Verse

You intended to harm me, but god intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20 NIV


Redemption (apolutrosis) – to ransom in full; deliverance, salvation.

*Providence “God guiding and sustaining humanity, especially those in covenant relationship with him.” Dr. A. R. Bernard

Who needs redemption in the following passages?

Genesis 39:1-23 –

40:1-23 –

41:1-24 –

Who is redeemed and how?

41:25-37 –

41:38-57 –

The Redemption of Joseph’s Brothers


1. Who came to Egypt and what were they seeking?

2. What did Joseph require of the brothers?


3. What did the brothers believe about Joseph’s requirement?

4. How did Joseph respond to his brothers and what action did he take?

5. Who, again, steps up as a redeemer?


6. Who is still being held for ransom and what is the requirement for his release?


7. How does Joseph favor Benjamin?


8. Who does Joseph hold for ransom and who steps up as a redeemer?

9. Why do you think Joseph is playing these games with his brothers?


10. Why and how does Joseph reveal his identity?

11. According to verse 7, how is the providence of God displayed?

The Redemption of Israel – 46:1-7; 28-34; 47:1-11; 27-31

12. How has Israel been redeemed?

The Bondage of Egypt – 47:13-26

13. How does Egypt end up in bondage to Pharoah?

The Redemption of Joseph – 48:1-22

14. What blessing does Jacob place upon the sons of Joseph?

49:33; 50:12-21; 22-26 (Exodus 13:19)

15. How is Joseph redeemed?