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New Testament tithing has been a topic of discussion among many Christians for a long time. And today, it has come to the forefront of the conversations and teaching of many pastors and Bible teachers. One side of the church is saying it’s not biblical for New Testament Christians and that we should practice “grace-giving.” Others say that it is biblical and that we are commanded to give God 10% of our income, and we are to give offerings to Him from the 90% left to help those in need. Join us as we look into the Word of God to discover God’s prescribed way of Biblical Giving. First, we will start at the beginning (Genesis) of God giving to man and follow the origin of man’s giving back to God and others.
We will travel through the Old and New Testaments to see what the Lord Jesus Christ says about Old and New Testament Tithes and Offerings. Like everything else we do for the Lord, we want to ensure that our giving is according to God’s Word and not ours to get the blessing that the Lord our God promised us we would get if we do what He said to get what He said. 

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Review Questions

Biblical Giving

New Testament Tithes & Offerings?

Biblical Giving Pt 1 Teacher Pastor O. 11/27 by Runner For Christ | Christianity (

Chapter 1

1. When we say God, what are we saying?

2. What word is used to say that God created the heavens and the earth, and how did God create them?

3. What did God give us on the first day of creation, and what would life be like if He did not?

4. What else did God give us from the 2nd day of creation to the fifth day?

5. What did God create on the sixth day, and what name is used for God in chapter 1?

6. When are we God-like and productive?

7. When we look at creation, how does God demonstrate His benevolence?

8. What’s the difference between worship on the first day of the week and the seventh day?

9. How did God water the earth then, and how did He create man?

10. Describe the garden God planted in the east and what job He gave the man to do there.

11. Describe God’s institution of marriage.

12. How did Adam and Eve lose everything?

13. Describe the fall of man.

14. What happened when the Lord showed up after the woman and the man had eaten from the tree?

15. How did the Lord prevent Adam and Eve from being forever stuck in a fallen state?

Biblical Giving Pt 2 Teacher Pastor O. 12/04 by Runner For Christ | Christianity (

Chapter 2

1. How do we know the Lord taught Adam and Eve how to bring an offering to Him?

2. Describe the birth of Cain and Abel and what they did for a living.

3. How did the Lord respond to Cain and Abel’s offering, and why?

4. How do we know Cain could have brought an acceptable offering to the Lord?

5. Fill in the blank: We don’t care___________________told in Matthew.

6. Whose offering saved all humanity from destruction, and what did his father prophesy about him?

7. What happened when men began to increase in number on the earth, and what did demons do to them?

8. Will Noah’s offerings of his possessions save humanity from disaster?

9. The Lord declared Noah to be a righteous man. Why?

10. Fill in the blank: The Lord tells_________________twenty years.

11. What did the Lord do for Noah after he safely landed on the other side of the flood?

12. Give Abraham’s bio and how he responded to the Lord’s call.

13. What did the Lord promise Abraham in chapter Genesis 15, what is the problem with it, and does the promise come to pass right away?

14. Fill in the blank: However, after waiting for twenty-five years_______the Lord’s request.

15. When they arrived at the place, the Lord would show Abraham what did he say and what did he do?

16. Fill in the blank: So, in conclusion,_____________________He does.

Biblical Giving Pt 3 Teacher Pastor O. 12/11 by Runner For Christ | Christianity (

Chapter 3

1. According to the written word, people gave to the Lord from Adam to Moses. True or False

2. How does the Lord relate to us, and what is the definition of the word, Dispensation?

3. Why is it essential to know which Dispensation of time we live in and under what covenant?

4. What is the first Dispensation, where do we find it in the Bible, and what period did it cover?

5. What is the second Dispensation, and do we still live in it today?

6. What are the third, fourth, and fifth Dispensations, and do we still live in them today?

7. When does the Dispensation of grace or church age begin and end?

8. What Dispensation of time will the answer to the prayer the Lord Jesus gave us to pray until He returned for His church will, at last, be answered?

9. Name the first five covenants and which ones apply to us today.

10. Describe the New Covenant.

11. What kind of giver do the scriptures say the Lord loves?

12. Chapter 18 of Numbers describes what to us.

13. Was tithing customary in ancient days?

14. Fill in the blank: But for the believer,________________the priest.

15. The Israelites in 430 BC accused the Lord of what and why.

16. If you look at how long the Lord suffered their continued disobedience, what can we readily see, and how did the Lord respond to them?

17. According to Malachi chapter 3, how could the people find their way back into a relationship with the Lord concerning the tithe and offering?

Biblical Giving Pt 4 Teacher: Pastor O. 12/21 by Runner For Christ | Christianity (

Chapter 4

1. How many promises are there in the Bible, how many are made to humankind, and how do we claim them?

2. When we examine Matthew 23:23, what lesson was Jesus attempting to teach the Pharisees in this passage?

3. How can we ensure that the Lord will accept our tithe and offering as He did Abel’s?

4. The answer to the question concerning New Testament tithing to do or not is found where in the New Testament?

5. Fill in the blank: Jesus through the_______________needed to live.

6. What words did Paul use to show us why we, as New Testament Christians, are to give to the Lord tithes and offerings?

7. The book of Acts chapter 9 is about what and what is one of the differences between the Old Testament temple and the New Testament church.

8. Fill in the blank: So,___________the gospel.

9. What do Galatians 6:10, 1st John 3:17-18), and Ephesians 4:28 say about giving offerings?

10. What does The book of 2nd Corinthians tell us in chapter 8 to do before we give to people?

11. Who decides how much we will receive for our giving, and what kind of giver does the Bible say the Lord loves?

12. What did the Lord Jesus suggest we do with the worldly wealth He allows us to have, and how should we use it?

13. Fill in the blank: Paul closes ___________________ a giver.

14. Why a tenth, and can we give more?

15. Can we give the lady in need the Lord’s tithe down the street or cut the church’s grass and call that a tithe?

16. If, on the other hand, we decide not to bring tithes and offerings commanded by the Lord, do we get what the Lord said we would get if we did?