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Wayne State University

  1. Continuing education for returning citizens
  2. Please see attached flyer for additional information
  3. Discussion took place today at Employment Informational Session
  4. Terrell Topps contact person
  5. 313-577-8005


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Apply the same strategies the Math Mights characters use to help elementary school learners feel excited and confident about math! Math Mights is an engaging show from the Michigan Learning Channel that teaches math strategies by connecting to characters that will help students understand math processes differently than just solving problems one way. This series promotes students’ communicated reasoning so they are able to confidently explain their thinking. It also provides a common language in schools so students can learn about the characters and the strategies in first grade, and then apply the same strategies to higher-level concepts as they grow.
The Michigan Learning Channel is excited to host Shannon McCartney, creator of Math Mights, for a series of virtual professional learning workshops that will help support educators and families who want to use this exciting show to support learning.




Students can major in any of the 90+ majors the university offers. All incoming SOAR students take LIBS 191: Academic Renewal Seminar for Returning Adults, a one-credit, eight-week, online course to refresh or enhance their academic skills – strategies for academic reading, writing, note-taking, studying and researching. An added benefit is that the course brings new SOAR students together in community so that they can build a supportive network of peers which contributes to their university experience and overall success. 

  1. Prospective students must be over age 25 (or if under 25, a parent or veteran).
  2. Must be eligible for financial aid (Pell Grant) with no loans currently in default.
  3. Cannot owe a balance at another college or university.
  4. Have a minimum of 24 transferable credits from other colleges with a recalculated GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  5. Michigan residency required.
  6. Please see attached flyer.
  7. Our goal in SOAR is to graduate every student! Here is a link to our updated webpage with links for applying:

Join us to get the first look at the Apprenticeship Braiding Eligibility Matrix on OSMIS! The training will include an overview and demonstration of the Braiding Eligibility Matrix. We encourage Apprenticeship Success Coordinators, OSMIS Managers & Users, Program Managers, and other Michigan Works! employees that work with apprentices and employers to attend. There is no fee for this webinar; this training is funded by a State Apprenticeship Expansion grant awarded to Michigan by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.


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