First Fruit Living Ministries

Mission Statement

To open a door of utterance to the lost by partnering street outreach with local churches that share a common desire to show God’s compassion to ALL.


image00011.pngFirst Fruits Ministries was established on the principles of expressing and demonstrating God’s compassion and love to the needy and providing support to the local church’s outreach ministry initiatives.  

First Fruits Living Ministries founder and Director, LaChelle Anderson, affectionately known as “Sister Shelli,” believes passionately, unconditionally, and enthusiastically in God’s mandate to go out into the uttermost parts of the earth and share the good news message of Jesus Christ. 

Focusing on impacting the local community, First Fruits Living Ministries is rooted in Sister Shelli’s beloved foundational scripture, 2 Samuel 9:3: 

“is there yet anyone left in the house…of Ecorse, River Rouge, Lincoln Park or Detroit…that I may show the compassion of the Lord to?”

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RFCM will be partnering with First Fruit Living Ministries

Free Lunch & Prayer Ministry

27085 W. Outer Drive Ecorse MI 48229

Every 4th Wednesday From 11 am to 1 pm…

Free Bibles are given to the first 15 people to arrive and want one.