The Bible God’s Word To Us


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There are billions of believers in Christ Jesus today. And every one of them will tell you it’s God’s word to us that led them to this belief. Yet, if you ask most Christians today where the Bible came from, most could not tell you. We believe that God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son so that through faith in Him, we might not perish but live forever. And we can tell you where that is in our Bible, but the question is, how did we get our Bible in the first place? And can we trust in it? Join us as we endeavor to answer that question.

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Read the chapter from the book first, next do the review questions below then listen to the class to check your answers.

Review Questions

Chapter 1
The Bible God’s Word to Us Pt. 1 04/01 by Runner For Christ | Christianity (
1. Who is credited with being the first to preserve God’s word, and where did he get it?

2. Who closed the Old Testament scripture canon, and when and what other scripture interpretation was accepted at that time?

3. What is the difference between the church’s power structure today and that in the Book of Acts?

4. How did some in the church view this diversity in the church?

5. Who was at the forefront of consolidating the house churches into one church, and what power structure did he recommend?

6. What are the differences between the church administration models of the Catholic church and the Protestant church?

7. What did Ignatius recommend to the churches in his letters to them?

8. Describe the effect of Roman culture on Christianity and how Tertullian explains his philosophy to some Roman philosophers.
9. Who came to power in 312 AD, and in what sign did he conquer?

10. What significant event occurred in 312 AD, and how did it greatly benefit Christians?

11. What led to the compiling and printing of 50 New Testament Bibles?

12. Who is the champion of Nicea, and why was he given this title?

13. What issue was causing divisions in the church, and how was this solved?

14. Why and when was the Christian Creed written?

15. What four criteria did a book of the Bible have to pass to become a book of the Bible?

16. In AD 400, how many different languages was the bible in, how did the Catholic church leaders view this, and what did they do about it?

17. Who established the list of Tariffs or indulgences, and who was the first to publish them?

18. How many ordinances did Jesus give us to observe, and how many did the Catholic church give its members to observe, and are they biblical?


Chapter 2

The Bible God’s Word to Us Pt. 2 04/08 by Runner For Christ | Christianity (
1. While the Catholic church was doing all it could to consolidate its power, what group formed in its midst, and what familiar person became a member of that group?

2. What would this group preserve that would resurface at the right time 1200 years later?

3. What corruptions entered Catholicism through the unfaithful recopying of the Latin Vulgate?

4. In AD 1300, men like who began to speak out against the Crusades, and what kinds of things was he saying?
5. Who called for the crusades, and what was his motivation for doing it?

6. How did he get the knights to respond, and what was the response to his call?

7. What happened in the spring of 1095, and how did the people who came in contact with the Crusaders think about them?

8. What happened to the Jews they encountered along the way and why?

9. Describe the Second Crusade.

10. What did Raymond of Abias write about the city after the Crusaders entered it, and what did the army chaplain think when he visited it? 

11. What was the Crusades’ impact on Europe as a whole, and what good did they bring?

12. What goes horribly wrong with the Fourth Crusade? Who is Enrico Dondolo, and what does he convince the Crusaders to do to pay his fee to cross the river?

13. When the Emporer cannot deliver his promises to the Crusaders, what does Dondolo convince them to do, and how did Pope Innocent respond to the participants?

14. Who is John Wycliffe, and what did he believe about the doctrine of transubstantiation?

15. How did the Catholic church respond to Wycliffe’s books and his translation of the scriptures into His English Wycliffe Bible?

16. Who fulfilled John Huss’ prophecy?


Chapter 3

The Bible God’s Word to Us Pt. 3 04/15 by Runner For Christ | Christianity (

1. What happened on October 31st, 1517, and Who did what and why?

2. How do you hold together a country like Europe, and why did the church respond so harshly to those they believed were trying to tear it apart?

3. How is Protestantism born, and what differentiates the two?

4. How did Luther respond to Pope Leo’s edits against his works?

5. Why is April 17th, 1521, the Christian’s Independence Day?

6. What was central to Martin Luther’s’ newfound faith?

7. How did the people of Europe receive Protestantism? What class of people was created by it, and what accounts for its quick spreading? 

8. What does John 17:20 have to do with restoring the word of God?

9. What significant event occurred in 1455 that would be a game changer for protestant Bible writers, and who funded this work?

10. Before the printing press, how did you preserve your writings, and how long could it take?

11. What was the first Bible printed on Guttenburg’s printing press? Describe it.

12. Who is Lineacre, what happens when he reads the Gospels in Greek, and what did he discover about the Latin Vulgate Catholic Bible?

13. Who is John Collett, what impressed him about Savanah Roland, and what was its result?

14. Who will put pen to paper and give us the word of God in the original Hebrew and Greek, the languages in which the Bible was originally written?

15. How did the Catholic church respond to the printing of the Arasmus Hebrew Greek Bible? What, if any, interest did this raise among the populace? What other Protestant Bibles did it become the source for?

16. Who is Thomas Bilney, and how does he respond to Arasmus’ Hebrew Greek Bible after reading it one night?


Chapter 4

1. Who is William Tyndale, where was he born, and where was he educated?

2. What happened one night while Tyndale was around the table with other priests and bishops?

3. Describe Tyndale’s strategic plan to print his Bible. Who did the Catholic church hire to stop him, and did he?

4. In 1526, Bishop Tunstall condemned Tyndales English Bible. What did he do after that, and how did that work out?

5. How did the bounty hunter Henry Phillips finally catch Tyndale?

6. Describe the last 500 days of Tyndale’s life in prison and what his request to his captors was?

7. When and how did William Tyndale die?

8. Who were Tyndale’s friends, and what did they do to continue the dissemination of his English Bible?

9. What other book outside the Bible aided Christians in their spiritual growth?

10. What caused the rift between King Henry and the Pope in Rome?

11. How was Protestantism born in England?

12. Who is Sir Thomas Moore, and what did he do to anger King Henry?
13. What was the fallout from the death of Thomas Moore?

14. In 1553, who came to power, and what did they do?

15. Who was the first man to be licensed by the King to print a Bible, and what happened to him?

16. Describe the close of this period.


Chapter 5
1. Who approached King James about printing a new Bible, what were his conditions, and what did they do about the 14 Apocryphal books?

2. Who did King James employ to do this work, and what resources did they use?

3. Which book in the Old Testament has three Apocryphal books, and what were they? What is the difference between Bibles printed before and after 1885?

4. War broke out all over Europe between who? How long did it last, and why did it finally end?

5. The sixteenth century was a turning point for Christianity for what two reasons?

6. Christianity has crossed the Atlantic. Who was instrumental in spreading the gospel among the thirteen colonies?

7. Who was the first group to come to America seeking religious freedom, who were they disciples of, and what hope did they have?

8. By the 1700s, what Christian denominations existed along the East Coast of America?

9. In the late seventeenth century, what two men would steer America away from becoming an intolerant country?

10. What did Roger Williams think about “forced conformity,” and what did he say about it?

11. In 1682, what man came to America, what city did he begin, and what were his conditions for living in his city/colony?

12. What happened on April 19th, 1775?

13. What impact did Roger Williams’s and William Penn’s social models have on shaping America and our constitution?

14. What is the difference between religious tolerance and religious freedom?

15. What happened in 1792, and how did the North American colonies recover from this action by the British?

16. After Luther and Tyndale rediscovered lost faith, what impact did they have on all Christendom?

17. Would Martin Luther’s reformed church have worked without Tyndale’s reformed Bible?

18. Why should we not be afraid of the many different versions of the Bible available today?