December 13, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Runner For Christ Ministries
27085 W. Outer Drive Ecorse MI 48229

Thursday 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

God’s kingdom isn’t just about theology and church. It isn’t just a quaint religious idea or an obscure theological concept. It is a whole new way of seeing the world and your place in it. In these pages we’ll explore how, under God, this kingdom vision:

  • Helps you find a greater purpose in your life.
  • Guides your family toward Him.
  • Deepens your understanding of God’s use of the church.
  • Changes the way you think about politics, culture, and philosophy.

Join us as we unfold this biblical and practical approach to life—an approach that has the power to change people, families, neighborhoods, churches, and even nations.

Discover the Power of the Kingdom Agenda.

Everyone Is Welcome